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truckCollection and Transport

Collection and Transport of wastes using safe and leak free collection trucks. Provided with safety and emergency features and ancillaries like fire extinguisher, spill kits and first aid kits.

The transport crew will be comprised of the driver and collection crew with sufficient training, complete Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and trainings on emergency preparedness and contingencies in the transport activities.

storage facility2,000 square meters of Storage facility

2,000 square meters of Storage facility with occupational safety provisions such as fire prevention equipment, proper ventilation and spill control .The various storage areas has an adequate signage and proper segregation and storage of wastes.



waste water treatmentPhysico-chemical and Wastewater treatment facility

with a capacity of 100,000 liters per day. Treats liquid wastes with acids, cyanide and alkali using chemical batch reaction and Electrochemical process to treat high BOD/COD waste water from various manufacturing plants and industries.

Also treats domestic wastewater generated by manufacturing plants, restaurants, malls, hotels etc.


mortar and mixerSolidification and Stabilization

process to treat organic sludge from wastewater treatment process and septic tanks; treatment of inorganic sludge such as waste with heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium, boron).

TCLP passing Solidified and stabilized waste will be disposed in a DENR accepted landfill .



shredderSecurity destruction

Security destruction of expired pharmaceutical products, packaging materials and other consumer products.. Using 10hp and 20hp shredders with a combined capacity of 1000 kilos per hour it can process plastic containers, bottles, cartons , blister packs and other packaging materials.